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We understand how important high performance is for your business’ bottom line. For the past 25 years, our learning specialists at TW Training Inc. have served customers around the globe to help improve productivity, safety and process efficiencies. We focus on sound, practical instructional design that ensures that your training program meets your organizational goals and objectives.

We believe that all organizations, large or small, should undertake a job task analysis for every core job position. Only then can the organization ensure that it has clearly captured what it expects employees to do in their jobs. The information gathered in the job task analysis then becomes the roadmap for training program curriculum development.

Our process to create easy –to-understand training materials that address site-specific job requirements forms the core of our services. Our training materials meld concise description with detailed graphics to help people understand complex concepts. Our training programs focus on improving employees’ performance- specific to their job. With our training, we can help your team be on the right track.

Our Key Services Serving Our Global Customers

Our services fall under two main categories.

Our Instructional Design services include:

Job Task Analysis

  • Facilitated workshop where participants analyze a job position to define the tasks that are expected to be performed by the incumbent in that position
  • Produces a detailed list of the knowledge and skill required to complete each task
  • Used as a roadmap for developing training program specific to the job

Training Needs Analysis

  • Analysis of where the organization wants/needs to be and where it is presently
  • Identification of any gaps
  • Assessment to determine if training can fill the gap
  • Recommendations presented that detail how and where training is proposed to achieve organizational goals

Skills Assessment

  • Identify the skills required of a specific group of workers
  • Collect data to assess the actual skills
  • Recommendations presented that detail how and where skills need improvement

Our curriculum development services include:

Lesson Plans

  • Developed to help guide the classroom or on-the-job trainer through the training session
  • Ensures that training is consistent over time and between groups of trainees

Technical Writing/Authoring of Training Manuals/Modules

  • Competency-based modules of instructions that are either presented in paper-based or electronic computer-based format

Technical Illustrating

  • Graphic illustrations of equipment, processes, and systems in 2-D and 3-D format

Competency Program Evaluation Tools

  • Test questions and answer keys
  • Field knowledge/skill check sheets and on-line tests

Operating Task Analysis

  • Facilitated workshop where participants analyze an operating/functioning system to determine, and gain consensus on how it is best operated
  • Produces a detailed list of all operating tasks
  • Clearly identifies the safety precautions associated with the operation, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions on how to operate the system
  • Development of startup, normal operation, abnormal modes of operation, and shutdown procedures

Custom Training Workshops

  • Development of lesson plans, visual aids, interactive training scenarios, and competency evaluations (test questions/answers)
  • Specialist Trainers may be provided, as required


  • Presentation Skills for classroom trainers
  • On-the-job training/mentoring skills for field trainers
  • Technical writing training for your in-house training manual developers

Still not sure where to begin? Our team would love to assist you, so contact us by phone and we’ll be able to help with an assessment..

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