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Tisha Wilkinson

Meet Our Workplace Learning Specialist: Tisha Wilkinson

For the past 25 years, owner and senior workplace learning specialist, Tisha Wilkinson, has been actively involved with industrial learning and development projects in a variety of industries. Tisha is the face of TW Training Inc. Her educational background provides a strong base of theoretical knowledge in the field of adult learning and development. This is coupled with extensive practical experience completing more than 100 training projects, both nationally and internationally.

Her multidisciplinary environmental master’s degree included:

  • Environmental education and program planning coursework from York University 

  • Organizational development coursework from the Schulich School of Business

  • Adult education coursework from the University of Victoria

  • Criterion Referenced Instruction certification from the Centre for Effective Performance

After more than 6 years as a senior training consultant with a leading technical training consulting firm, Tisha Wilkinson established TW Training Inc.

She has and continues to spend the majority of her time working on-site directly with the client’s training organization, and with operators and maintenance personnel. She accomplishes the bulk of the instructional design work on-site. Face-to-face interaction and familiarization with the equipment, process, and work environment are critical aspects that influence the instructional design, and thereby ensure that the training programs are designed to function effectively within the organization. 

Throughout her career, exhaustive time has been spent pouring over technical drawings, control narratives, and technical information. Coupled with time spent in work boots and hardhat out in the plant, Tisha has in-depth knowledge of process, controls, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and instrumentation systems.

Would you like to find out how Tisha can help your organization? Contact us today by giving us a call.

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