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Connect your company with the training resources you need today

TW Training Inc Is Your Training Specialist of Choice from Canada

When your corporation needs to develop an entire training program, or improve an existing one, TW Training Inc is a workplace learning company that can analyze your training needs, and offer customized solutions suited to improve your operation.

Based in Western Canada, our experienced team of training specialists have been serving our clients worldwide.

Strongly established in the industrial workplace learning space since 2000, organizations have come to seek the expertise of founder and training specialist Tisha Wilkinson and her team. We believe in delivering outstanding training solutions every time, and this is why all of our work has been found through word of mouth.

An effective competency program helps an organization assess and measure individual performance – the key to achieving business goals and objectives.

Our training program development services include any of the following:

Instructional Design

  • Training needs analysis

  • Skills assessment

  • Job task analysis

  • Operating task analysis

Curriculum Development

  • Training program lesson plans

  • Technical authoring of training manuals

  • Technical writing

  • Technical illustrating

  • Operating task analysis 

  • Custom training workshops

  • Train-the-Trainer

Serving Customers Worldwide Spanning Multiple Sectors

Whether it’s an 11-year project in Colombia, or re-designing an orientation training program in Vancouver, we can serve customers all around the world. We specialize in designing and developing site-specific competency-based training programs for our customers in a broad range of industries, including:

  • Industrial clients 

  • Municipalities 

  • Original equipment manufacturers

  • Engineering firms

  • Manufacturing companies

  • Consumer products companies

Experienced Training Specialists to Meet Your Various Training Needs

TW Training Inc specializes in the design and development of workplace learning programs. Our project teams are made up of:

Instructional designers: Experienced in a wide array of both small and large projects, nationally and internationally

Curriculum developers, including:

Technical authors/writers: Experienced former operators, technicians and specialists who are adept at reading process, mechanical, and electrical drawings, and at deciphering technical documents. Our writers have been well trained and are specialists in transforming what are normally complex engineering documents, into training materials that are comprehensible and applicable to the target audience.

Technical illustrators: Masters at graphically representing the written word. The adage, “a picture tells a thousand words” is nothing short of true. Our training materials are highly illustrated, for which we have received many accolades for the graphics used in our training programs.
Specialist trainers: Depending on your project requirements, we source subject matter specialists who deliver our training materials to your trainees.

Are you a new client looking for a competency development program or looking to revamp your existing training material? We can support your organization, so get started today by contacting us via phone or email.

Custom Training Solutions

Ensure that your future training meets the requirements of your organization

About Our Founder

A people person at heart, her personalized one-on-one approach has been her driving force

Our Past Projects

Through our training expertise, we’ve helped various sectors like the petroleum industry and more

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